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We invite you to participate in the

12th International Exhibition  GEOLOGY
will be held on 8th-9th May 2014 in Warsaw POLAND
at the Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute.

The exhibition is being organized by Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A. in close consultation and cooperation with the Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute.

The honorary patronage was acquired by the Chief National Geologist, Mr. Slawomir Brodzińskiego, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Environment and Geological Institute-National Institute for the Research, Polish Geological Society, Instutute Road and Bridge Research Institute of Building Technology.


We invite you to present your offer of services, solutions and equipment at the fair GEOLOGY in:

- Shale gas - exploration and exploitation, environmental effects of the investment

- equipment, drilling services, measuring and control devices

- geological and engineering support for infrastructure projects

- engineering geology and geotechnics for development

- hydrogeology, flood protection, soil stabilization, land reclamation

- geoinfomation systems, geological cartogtaphy, software.


At the fair will be held conferences, panel discussions, the meeting:

§          Conference: "SHALE GAS"   

The proposal to take part in the event is addressed to companies and institutions involved professionally in mineral deposit geology, engineering geology, geotechnics, geothermal engineering, geophysics, mining geology, hydrogeology, hydro-engineering, geological cartography, mineralogy, petrology, environmental protection.

The presence of key companies for Polish geology among experts from the geological community, scientific research institutes, geological services, guests from Poland and abroad, and national and local government representatives, testifies to the economic importance of this year's event.

The exhibition will include company presentations of products and services, meetings, conferences, discussion panels, including:
-  presentations of research results and effects of prospecting for shale gas as well as advanced prospecting technologies;
-  an exhibition of drilling equipment, tools and services;
 -  presentations by companies offering environmental surveys, analysis and assessment of the environmental impact of projects, testing, laboratory and measuring equipment;
-  geological and engineering presentations for infrastructure projects and projects built in coastal areas and at sea;
-  geological and geophysical studies, engineering geology and geotechnics, seismic surveys;
-  solutions for mining safety, flood control, landslide stabilization;
-  geoinformation software, geological maps and mapping.
The International Geological Fair is an excellent opportunity to present yourselves to a broad audience, and also offers possibilities for establishing new commercial contacts, for example with representatives of the mining, power, construction, and public infrastructure industries, as well as being an important forum for the exchange of experiences between the economy and the administration.
Additional information is available by telephone: + 48 22 849 60 06 ext. 128, +48 664 307 195.



Conference program - in preparation. Conference topics: • Engineering Geology • Shell gas • Geology for governments
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